Open Forum

29.05.2021 17:00, Zoom & Podium

Verdensrommet :
Virtual Bar

Verdensrommet and Open Forum invite you to a virtual bar, an evening of discussions on alternative economies, social housing, immigration and art institutions.

The bar takes inspiration from the collective legacy of Akers Mek, KHiO’s former student bar. The bar was shut down in 2016 and it was the place to go for art students in search of camaraderie and creative exchange in Oslo.The virtual bar will reproduce and amplify the historical and metaphysical characteristics of Akers Mek, bringing it temporarily ‘back to life’ whilst generating a vibrant community space for debate. DJ interventions, a main host/moderator:Frankie D Miedo who will intercept critical discussions, and three breakout rooms:

*Flexible Economies (ft Rodrigo Ghattas-Perez)
*Social Housing + alt spaces of production of art and friendships 
(ft Ole Pedersen)
*Immigration and Art Institutions (ft Markus Degerman & Bianca Hisse)

---------------------------Special guests ------------------------

Frankie D Miedo
Markus Degerman
Ole Pedersen
DJ MiscelaClassica

------------------------ Important information--------------------

The first edition of The Virtual Bar is a participatory event, with maximum capacity for 20 participants.

Include during the registration, your preference over one of the breakout rooms: Flexible economies /// Social housing /// Immigration and art institutions. 


Verdensrommet is an artist-powered mutual support network by/for immigrant artists (160+ artists) based in Norway. We stand for fair immigration policies, economic justice, and we encourage new imaginations for the future of artists' work.

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