Open Forum

27.10.2021 17:00, Kroloftet

Michelle Sáenz Burrola:
Performative scores: distorting maps

Kroloftet, Arnljot Gellines vei 41

27th & 28th October // 17:00 - 19:00

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A curved surface cannot be projected on a flat surface without distortion. Maps have never been neutral representations, they carry meaning, specific positions, and power relations.

We will explore notions of distortion of maps and power relations through body movement, written language and drawing. Day one, the participants will be invited to move thinking about distortion and reorientation. Day two, following the echoes of movement generated the first day, we will experiment with performative scoring, which consist in writing an instruction to try/imagine the chosen movement-image.

* Warm soup & refreshments will be offered at the end of each day.

Wednsday, October 27th (2 hours)

15 min / presentation of group

15 min / introduction of workshop

30 min / movement in space

30 min / thinking words and moving

20 min / map-constellation, trying distortion

10 min / wrapping up

Thursday, October 28th, (2 hours)

15 min / beginning conversation on a sitting circle

15 min / movement in the space remembering map constellation and distortions of last session

30 min / writing our movement in a performative score and later sharing it with somebody else

20 min / try out scores

10 min / wrapping up

*** Michelle Sáenz Burrola is a visual artist working with drawing, text, moving images in installations, performances, and editorial publications. Currently, she deals with questions concerning the representation of the body territory from a feminist and decolonial perspective. Michelle has a BA in Visual Arts from ENPEG La Esmeralda in Mexico City and an MFA in Performing Arts from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in Reykjavik. 

 Choreographical drawings (pink). Michelle Sáenz, 2018.