Open Forum

10.11.2022 17:05 – 18:10, KHiO Library, Fossveien 24

Kirsty Kross

Kirsty Kross is an eco-feminist artist whose practice includes performance, music, drawing, painting and installation. Her work focuses largely on human relationships to the attention economy and increasing ecological, economic and political uncertainties. She tries to find ways of engaging audiences with these difficult subjects through darkly, absurd humorous interventions. She is often costumed as her artistic avatar, the Coral Trout- a fish from the endangered Great Barrier Reef of her native Queensland. The fish relates to Kross´ artistic development and identity, but also relates to the pre-Christian spiritual beliefs of the Eastern Mediterranean that existed before the binary systems established in Ancient Greece. 
She holds a Masters from The Berlin University of the Arts and also has a Bachelor degree in Art History from The University of Queensland. In Norway, Kirsty Kross has exhibited and performed at Bergen Assembly, Høstutstillingen, KUBE, Tenthaus and PINK CUBE, whilst inBerlin she has performed at Clockwork Gallery, Parkhaus Projects and Galerie Crystal Ball. In September 2022, she performed One Night Only Chandeliers at the National Museum of Norway as part of the opening exhibition, Jeg kaller det Kunst.
From 2000 to 2010, Kirsty Kross was a founder and member of the electro punk band, Team Plastique that played at events such as the Glastonbury Festival in 2008, the closing party of the Berlin Biennial in 2006 and the Big Day Out in Australia in 2003 and 2004.