Open Forum

27.02.2021 13:00, Akerselva

Geir Tore Holm Søssa Jørgensen:
A Riverwalk

Geir Tore Hølm & Søssa Jørgensen (Skiptvet, Norway) each have art practices that include video, photography, sculpture, sound, performance and installations. Together they have mediated, taught, and written about contemporary art since 1993 when they initiated Balkong, an apartment exhibition space. Together with artists from Thailand they initiated Sørfinnset skole/the nord land in Oarjelih Bájjdár/Gildeskål, Nordlánda/Nordland. Since 2003, this ongoing project focuses on exploitation of nature, exchange of knowledge and small-scale architecture in the field of a broad aesthetic understanding of ecological realities of society, humans and nature. Parallel to individual exhibition practices, Søssa has worked long-term with radio and sound art projects in collaboration with Norwegian peer Yngvild Færøy and Geir has nurtured a wide art practice informed by his Sámi ancestry. Since 2010, Øvre Ringstad farm, is the center of their collaborative practice.