Open Forum

22.04.2021 13:05, FM 90,5

Elin Már Øyen Vister:
ANTENNA no. 3 Elin Már

In a grateful and joyful welcome to spring, Elin Már invites us to a deep listening of the landscape and soundscape of the changing season both there and where you/we are finding ourselves. A meeting with a sensuous and site-specific artistic practice that wishes to strengthen and restore equal relations between humans, landscapes, earth and everything that lives. Elin Már will give us instructions of a good place to listen from and what to bring as they are inviting you/us to a spring ceremony.

This ANTENNA took the shape of a radio transmission and was broadcasted from Røst archipelago, The south-western part of Lofoten/Lofuohta where Elin Már lives and through a radio antenna mounted on the top of Kunstnernes hus in Oslo. On International Amateur Radio Day, Open Forum guested THE GREAT INDOORS, a collaborative residency by the graduating master students from the Art Academy where each day was flavoured by different types of celebrations. 

Elin Már Øyen Vister is artist and forager with their base on Røst, South -Westernmost part of Lofoten (Norway/Sápmi). With a broad background in audio and music (as DJ and producer, and in-field recording and radio), they bring an interdisciplinary approach and experience of a multitude of practices to their expression. They is occupied with listening as a life practice and as a way to compose, sense, and experience the world, much inspired by Pauline Oliveros’s Deep Listening philosophy and aesthetic philosophy.

Elin Már is concerned with how “the personal is political”, rooted in the local, but simultaneously sensing the global and cosmic perspectives. They research how a place and all its habitants (human/non-human/ mineral/plant/ insect etc)continuously and simultaneously relate back and forth in time; layers of stories; trauma and joy side by side.

Picture taken by Eirik Melstrøm during the residency.