Open Forum

23.05.2023 17:00 – 29.08.2023 18:00, Auditorium KHiO, Fossveien 24

Pawel Stypula :

Dep.artment is located in Tøyen/Oslo and was the home and former atelier of the artist Ole Sjølie (1923–2015). Behind the project is Pawel Stypula, an undefined mind who has created an open home that functions as a social hub and laboratory for future (living) technologies. Here he cultivates super-food, art and the possibilities for domestic energy production. As he takes care of Sjølie's legacy, he envisions a "dialogue of the past with the future”.

Dep.artment is a pop-up gallery as well as a testing place for ecologically sensible products and ideas, presented by companies or individual innovators.Hosted events ranging from artistic performances to workshops, small conferences and porridge club.

In contrast to the common narratives that focus on the biggest threats facing humanity, Dep.artment's mission is to focus on the positive future scenarios. Rather than dwelling on the negative, this space encourages visitors to explore the potential for positive change through creative solutions in practice and innovative thinking - The Try-How of the future.

Dep.artment offers a glimpse into the future of sustainable living, encouraging everyone to switch their current paradigms towards more holistic solutions. It is a living and breathing experience, where hope is one of the biggest values.