Open Forum

21.11.2020 13:00, Paradisbukta

Noe Martinez and María Sosa:
ANTENNA no. 1 Noe & María

María Sosa and Noe Martinez were born in Michoacán and they currently live in Mexico City. María’s work starts from the investigation of the pre-Columbian past, emphasizing the moment of contact between the original peoples of America and Europeans. As well as in the way in which this historical moment configured the structural column of the current reality. She conceives history as a sculptural material whose ability to model allows direct intervention in the present. Noe’s work develops through the analysis of a case study that emerges from his personal history, to position itself as a critical standpoint related to diverse socio-political phenomena. Topics as language, the historical context of the 16th century European invasion, the re-elaboration, the ethnic vindication of indigenous Mexican cultures among the current political scenario and its potential in the apprehension of memory, are present in Noe Martinez’s interest, thus questioning the elaboration and interpretation of a common historical background.